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Good Stuff!

“It was desperation that convinced me to give reflexology a try, but it is the benefits that keep me coming back. The pain in my feet and lower legs is gone. have resumed my four to five mile daily hikes without ill effect...This is good stuff!” 


– Bill B., Santa Paula

Best overall feeling.

"I am 77 years old, trying to keep normalcy and balance in my life. The reflexology treatments I get from Maggie Davis reward me with the best overall feeling of health and well-being. Maggie is the best reflexologist I have ever met. Allow her to acquaint you with the facts about reflexology, what it is, its history, the techniques used, and see what it does for you and your health. Be good to yourself and incorporate Maggie Davis into your health program.”


– John T., Santa Barbara

Amazed at my progress.

“Foot Neuropathy is my nemesis as I age, and finding relief is an ongoing process, or I should say was, as my journey ended when I found Maggie Davis. The best treatment for my problem is reflexologv. And Maggie is an expert. Feet are her specialty and I am amazed at my progress in standing and waking ability since being under her care.”


– Dean M., Santa Barbara

I love it!

“I love the way it feels and the way I feel for days afterward ... I just love it!”


– Faye R., Santa Barbara

Magical and comforting.

“I am a retired nurse and over the years I was well aware of the benefits of reflexology. Experimenting with different therapists through a mutual friend I was introduced to Maggie—what a blessing, Maggie brings more than the physical aspects. She brings her heart and soul into the whole process. Its magical and comforting.”


– Retired Nurse, Santa Barbara

Number One.

“I’d give up a lot of things before I’d ever give up my weekly sessions with Maggie. Reflexology is number one in my health regime.”

– Janet S., Santa Barbara

Before and after.

“Having major surgery was certainly made much more pleasant by having Maggie's magical hands provide comfort, relaxation and a therapeutic touch. I highly recommend everyone who must have surgery to call Maggie before and after.” 


– Charlene H., Santa Barbara

Valuable resource.

“Maggie's healing nature and skill as a reflexologist are a valuable resource on the journey to health.”


– Ann B., Santa Barbara

Healed, energized and lighter.

“Her strong hands seem to know exactly what part of my feet are crying out to be touched. I'm always amazed that when she works on my feet I leave her office feeling healed, energized and lighter.”


– Susan P., Santa Barbara

Service Name

“Maggie Davis brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her reflexology. Capable and accomplished, her hands are well-practiced in the art. Maggie is also gifted as a healer, which lends a unique quality to her treatments, providing good health on many levels. A session with Maggie is a truly wonderful, unforgettable experience.”

– Douglas C., Santa Barbara

Great energy.

“Reflexology with Maggie has been a regular part of my life for years. It feels wonderful, it's good for my health, and Maggie has great energy.”

– Linda G., Santa Barbara

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